The Rivendale Press, based in Buckinghamshire, England, is an independent scholarly publisher. We are dedicated to broadening the knowledge and understanding of the literature, art, and culture of the British 1890s. On occasion, the subjects of our publications may stray far from this decade.

Each publication aims not only to provide information which is not easily available elsewhere but to carry on the tradition of the fin-de-siecle publishers we admire–to make attractive and engaging books which appeal to the general reader and bibliophile as well as the specialist.
Rivendale Press publications include biographies, collections of essays, editions of unpublished letters, bibliographies, critical studies, and contemporary imaginative works inspired by the writers and artists of the 1890s. In some cases special limited editions are issued. Always, our authors and contributors are among the leading experts in their fields.

Please be aware that unfortunately list all Rivendale Press titles as "Out of Print – Limited Availability" for new copies from the publisher.

This is completely misleading!

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