Dear Mr. Cockerell, Dear Mr. Peirce:

Harold Peirce


Dear Mr. Cockerell, Dear Mr. Peirce:
An Annotated Description of the Correspondence of Sydney C. Cockerell and Harold Peirce in the Grolier Club Archive

Arthur L. Schwarz

The letters of two prominent book collectors, Sydney Carlyle Cockerell in London and Cambridge and Harold Peirce an ocean away in Philadelphia, were exchanged over a thirty-four year period (1897-1931) and brimmed over with bookish discussion.

Peirce was a collector whose holdings of rare and fine books exceeded 4,000 volumes in a wide variety of fields. Cockerell was secretary to William Morris and his Kelmscott Press, friend of all the literati of his day, book and manuscript expert, director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, advisor to Peirce and many other prominent collectors, and an important collector in his own right. They wrote about many items of mutual interest: authors, autographs, and auction houses, book illustrators, bookbinders, and booksellers, and everything that there was about book collecting that captivated them. Reading this private correspondence allows us to share their thoughts and to participate vicariously in the rare book world of a century ago.

Dear Mr. Cockerell, Dear Mr. Peirce will fascinate anyone interested in books, literature, and the history of book collecting.
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Published 15 October 2006
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