Stephen Phillips: A Biography

Stephen Phillips Stephen Phillips: A Biography

Richard Whittington-Egan

Surprisingly this is the first full length biography of the well known poet and playright Stephen Phillips. A star of the late 1890s, after he received 100 guineas in 1898 for his book Poems, Phillips surpassed this with a series of plays that at the turn of the century played to packed theatres.The leading London Actor-Managers were all keen to produce his plays yet this all disappeared within a few years and Phillips was forgotten by his own generation and certainly by future generations of academics!

This biography, expertly researched and written, explains Stephen Phillips' complicated and strange life with his rise to fame and subsequent tragic ending. For a man who was certainly no aesthete nor was he linked with the "yellow nineties" his life was certainly typical of what we know refer to as this tragic generation.

A check-list of his works is also included, listing many rare and unknown editions of his volumes.
Hardbound: 17.5 x 27.4cm, 272pp., illustrated.

ISBN 1-904201-01-6
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Published 28 April 2006
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