Current Publications

More information Oscar Wilde as Editor: An Index to Woman's World
edited by Michael Seeney
More information Wilde's Wittiest Woman: Ada Leverson's Uncollected Writings
edited by Michael Seeney
More information Spoofed: Oscar Wilde, Charles Brookfield and The Poet and the Puppets
by Michael Seeney
More information Small Malcolm Grows Up
by Jimmy Nelson
More information More Adey: Oscar Wilde's Forgotten Friend
by Michael Seeney
More information Theodore Wratislaw: Fragments of a Life
by D. J. Sheppard
More information Arthur Greening: That Damned Elusive Publisher
by David Wilkinson
More information From Bow Street to the Ritz: Oscar Wilde’s Theatrical Career from 1895 to 1908
by Michael Seeney
More information Charles Ricketts, Everything For Art: Selected Writings
edited with an introduction by Nicholas Frankel
More information Aesthetic Lives:
‘New experiences, new subjects of poetry, new forms of art’

edited by Bénédicte Coste and Catherine Delyfer
More information John Evelyn Barlas, A Critical Biography:
Poetry, Anarchism, and Mental Illness in Late-Victorian Britain

by Philip Cohen
More information 'Guy Thorne': C. Ranger Gull
Edwardian Tabloid Novelist and His Unseemly Brotherhood

by David Wilkinson
More information Horae Amoris: The Collected Poems of Rosa Newmarch
edited with an introductory essay by John Holmes and Natasha Distiller
More information Two Tombeaux to Oscar Wilde: Jean Cocteau’s Le Portrait Surnaturel de Dorian Gray and Raymond Laurent’s essay on Wildean Asthetics
A bilingual presentation of the texts, edited and translated by Emily Eells
More information That Way Madness Lies: Max Nordau on Fin-de-Siècle Genius
by Hans-Peter Söder
More information Symbolist Objects: Materiality and Subjectivity at the Fin-de-Siècle
edited by Claire I. R. O'Mahony
More information Masking The Text: Essays on Literature & Mediation in the 1890s
by Nicholas Frankel
More information The Letters of William Ernest Henley to Robert Louis Stevenson
edited by Damian Atkinson
More information The Bookplates of Aubrey Beardsley
by Mark Samuels Lasner
More information Frank Miles and Oscar Wilde: "such white lilies"
by Molly Whittington-Egan
More information Michael Field and Their World
Edited by Margaret D. Stetz and Cheryl A. Wilson
More information Bound for the 1890s:Essays on Writing and Publishing in Honor of James G. Nelson
Edited by Jonathan Allison
With a foreword by G. Thomas Tanselle
More information Dear Mr. Cockerell, Dear Mr. Peirce:
An Annotated Description of the Correspondence of Sydney C. Cockerell and Harold Peirce in the Grolier Club Archive

Edited by Arthur L. Schwarz
More information Victorian Studies: A Research Guide
Second and revised edition
by Sharon W. Propas
More information Stephen Phillips: A Biography
by Richard Whittington-Egan
More information Fifty Years of Hand-Printing: A Bibliography of the Tragara Press
by Steven Halliwell
More information George Gissing:The Definitive Bibliography
by Pierre Coustillas
More information Gender and the London Theatre, 1880-1920
by Margaret D. Stetz
Published in association with Bryn Mawr College Library
More information Kipling and his Publishers: Correspondence of Rudyard Kipling with Thacker, Spink and Co. 1886-1890
Edited by Thomas Pinney and David Alan Richards
More information Publisher to the Decadents: Leonard Smithers in the Careers of Beardsley, Wilde, Dowson
by James G. Nelson
More information A Check-List of Early Bodley Head Books (1889-1894)
{Revised and Enlarged}
James G. Nelson
More information A Bibliography of Enoch Soames (1862-1897)
Mark Samuels Lasner
More information Masks and Phases
Matthew Sturgis
More information Peacocks and Coffins
Jeremy Reed
More information Shelley's Centennary & Lachrymae Musarum
William Watson
Edited by Steven Halliwell

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